About Us

Cuisine des Iles forms part of English Bay Co Ltd and specialises in catering. Mauritius being a multi-cultural society, it has also a unique blend of dishes like: Indian, Chinese, Creole and European cuisine to name but a few. Everyone here loves to eat. Cuisine des Iles provides the fun by its healthy and quality dishes making any event Рa time to remember for you. The taste of our cuisine goes hand in hand with our quality system policy  to which we pay great attention with regards to the preparation, norms and hygiene.

Cuisine des Iles can work on a 24 hour production. This helps us maintain a low running cost as our resources are used optimally and our customers benefit from a quality service with an amazingly affordable rate of our services.

For Caterers

We have three 16 litres deep fryers, one 80 litres boiler and 2 very spacious kitchen. We can supply you 2,000 units of snacks everyday like:

  • Hakien Vegetable and fish, Vol au vent
  • Rissole, mini Quiche and¬† other varieties at a very affordable price of Rs 3.50/unit

This helps you reduce your costs with our daily supplies and a quick delivery service

For more details, please contact Mike Webb on the 7578856 or email us.