About Us

About Us

The Webb and English Bay and Co. Ltd are inseparable. Josette, Mike and their children Jessica and Jonathan and their eight employees are a company which, since its inception, continues to grow.

 About us

It was at a trade show in Freeport in 2000 that English Bay Co. Ltd presented its fried salted fish. At the time it was sold in trays. This adventure propelled us into an outstanding new dimension. “Our stand was visited by a representative of the World Bank who found that our Products had potential. So she gave us the money to do a market study. This demonstrated the potential of the company, and pointed out certain requirements, including that of finding a distributor. The Webb set their sights on IBL, known today as IBL BrandActiv. “Having this company as local distributor has allowed us to reach more outlets.”

2010 marked the first export to South Africa and Australia. While no less than two tonnes were destined for local consumption each month. Future plans of English Bay Co. Ltd include this time exportation to Canada. “Some of our customers buy big boxes of P’tit Salé for their relatives in Canada”

For more details, please contact Mike Webb on the 7578856 or email us.